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Building your own house is the biggest dream that everyone has in their mind. Knobs & handles’ founders faced some difficulties while they made their dreams happen.
Finding ordinary knobs is easy, but they can be found in 60-70% of Australian houses. Many people buy luxury houses but find basic accessories, door handles and cabinet handles in their doors. That can affect the overall look of the interior house.
Our founders started researching over the globe and travelling, they reached the real designers and makers of the door knobs. To be connected with the culture, ethnicity and royal look, they brought some beautiful art of furniture.
Door knobs and handles are the basic furniture parts but are still noticeable when you have something extraordinary from the others. During the housewarming party, door knobs and cabinet handles grabbed the attention of the founders’ extended family, friends and colleagues. They’ve started their knobs and cabinet handles selling journeys to bring affordable, luxury, ethnic, royal and custom-made knobs to serve the Australian people.
If you’re after stylish, ethnic, luxury or premium knobs then check out our wide range of designer cabinet knobs.

Quality, Stylish and Modern Cabinet Door Knobs & Handles in Australia

Have you recently purchased an established house or built a new property? The new homeowner always wants to design their dream home with their dream Décor style to suit their personality. If you’re looking for something innovative or stylish wardrobe knobs or cabinet handles then your search can be finished with us. We have a range of handcrafted cabinet knobs such as wood knobs, ceramic knobs, metal knobs, and stone knobs to style your furniture appearance. There are different colour options to choose from to transform your ordinary house into luxury homes and offices.

Let us help you to move on with the current furniture trend. Plan your DIY furniture project in your spare time and discover our furniture knobs and hardware handles requirements. You can choose the modern and luxury kitchen knobs or furniture handles pulls from our website or contact us for your specific requirements. Turn your dream DIY furniture projects into a live version.

We’re Australia’s designer and crafted knobs and handles company, providing quality hardware items at a great price range. We also provide magnificent customer service to answer your queries and requirements as soon as possible. Don’t stick to your ordinary but broaden your ideas and explore the decorative hardware industry to fit in your pocket.

Our quality door knobs, handles or pulls come with enough-sized bolts that can fit most furniture items. There is no requirement for a professional carpenter or tradies to replace your door knobs and handles. Simply unscrew a bolt from the knob pack, pass through from the furniture hole and screw the bolt from the back.

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