Baby Pink Stone Dresser Knob


It’s time to change your cabinetry into something really special. Knobs & Handles is the place where you make the kitchen, bathroom, cabinetry, and laundry into a modern shape. Whether you’re looking for knobs for cabinets or drawer knobs, dresser knobs, door knobs, classic or period-specific, our handcrafted door knob designs offer a unique style for a personal touch.

Material: Marble/ Natural Stone
Weight: 48g Approx

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Baby pink stone dresser knob looks beautiful, attractive and designer piece of furniture. It can be easily fit with your dresser, cupboard, wardrobe, bedside table or any cabinet door etc. Check it out our beautiful stone knobs to design your house.

The cutting-edge, round shape knobs will make an easy style that will upgrade your cupboards and offer a basic yet brilliant expression around your home which will add an exacting bit of class to your cupboards. These unique decorative knobs will not only create a great impression in your cabinetry but will provide a new texture to the look. Made from natural stone this cabinet knob has been handcrafted from raw materials by expert artisans. Being hand-tailored, there are slight fluctuations from one piece to another, making an extraordinary thing that is however special as you may be! Each one has the individual identity of a true original.

Modern style with comfortable design, really easy to install, with bolts that can be trimmed to your desired length.

Our cabinet hardware will have timeless existence that will be fashionable today, tomorrow, and in the future…Are you looking to renovate or upgrade your existing cabinetry? Knobs and Handles will be always ready to help you to make over your DIY project. Professional and Elegant looking cabinet hardware has never been so easy at an affordable price.

Knob Dimensions:
Diameter: 35mm Approx
Projection: 25mm Approx
Screw Length: 40mm Approx
Total Length: 65mm Approx

Natural Stone

*Sold Individually

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